For The Time Being

Being artist in residence at  Mottisfont, National Trust from September 2018 to July 2019 gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in its landscape  - to be there in the fullest sense - and to work intuitively with materials.  Natural objects gathered from the site have become integral to the current work I have produced  and have been  chosen because they resonate and seem to encapsulate the essence of  place.  Sometimes I have a very clear idea from the start how the ceramics will elevate and showcase the beauty of the natural world and at other times it is only much later through play and exploration that all the components of the assemblage come together.  Other works are purely ceramic - they may not integrate nature but it is nature and its impermanence that they speak of.


My work is also intimately connected to wider ecological themes and a desire to articulate the interconnectedness between humankind and the natural world - and through this a dissolving of the essentially non-existent boundaries that have been constructed over time.

Selected pieces from the exhibition:

Resting Place - Suna Imre.jpg
This Thing Called I - Suna Imre.jpg