A selection of dance performances that have utilised improvisational scores and where presence, a somatic engagement with the moving body and spontaneous compositions have been key.
Our Silent Stories 2013, Art Cafe Gallery Winchester -  dance improvisation utilising contact improvisation, part of 10 Days.
You can view a small clip here
Present State /Second Nature Film 2012, 2013, Art Cafe Gallery, Winchester, & Dartington Contact Improvisation festival, in collaboration with film maker Anna Cady, Movement improvisation exploring nature as my partner in a duet
View film here

Marking Presence , 2011

Map, Plot Plunder and Possession - 10 days across the city, 

Interdisciplinary Interactive installation utilising contact improvisation and notating the presence of audience members through mark making.

Listen Closer, 2009, Corner Shop, Winchester. Durational improvised performance utilising contact improvisation and authentic movement  to explore the nature of relationships. Small excerpt can be viewed here.

A Moving Response, 2004, St.Ives,

Cornwall.  Collaborative, durational  site specific performance utilising the RSVP score.   Mentored by Helen Poyner

Tympan, 2000, 2001, Slovenia, Nottingham, Winchester, Basingstoke.  Collaborative 9 hour durational dance improvisation installation, each hour recorded both visually and aurally and played into the next hour.